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    Anyone using the 680 with XP Tablet edition?

    My 650 is not supposed to be compatible according to Palm, although I've used it for over a year. (The installation CD hangs-up, but other than that it's fine.)

    Dennis G. Esler
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    I had no problem on 650 install CD to XP Tablet edition.
    I plan get 680 unless it won't work au XP Tablet.

    Car you detail the issue?
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    Whenever I would run the insatllation 650 CD, it would go through the entire process and then stall at the end, never giving me the message that it completed the installation.

    That being said, things seem to be fine. This happened on 2 differnt tablet PC's (one Toshiba and one TninkPad).
    Dennis G. Esler
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    You will have to run the .exe in XP compatability mode (right click on the .exe and should be an option for doing so somewhere in there) if you get that error message.
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    Sometimes it will hang up, go to task manager and stop the idriver app from running and the cd will keep installing.
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    I'll try it.
    Dennis G. Esler

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