I ordered a 680 from Cingular Premier on Saturday afternoon...FedEx left it on my doorstep Monday afternoon. (Previous orders of AirCards and other phones from Premier have shown up equally fast.)

Build quality is great...the 680 feels much more solid than the 650. I like the new stylus...feels a bit better in the hand.

The 680 is LOUD, including via Bluetooth (I'm using the Palm BT headset.) I didn't bother even trying VolumeCare...

Blazer works extremely well now...to me that alone was worth the upgrade. Latency seems to be much lower, more in line with latency with AirCards on a laptop. Data speeds are about the same to slightly faster.

Camera quality has improved...it isn't a dramatic change but is certainly a lot better.

The changes on the keyboard are certainly taking some getting used to.

I like the new Phone app...

Apps in general seem faster.

Now all I need are bigger batteries and a holster and I'll be one really content camper. Seidio, where are you?