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    cdma spint 650
    how can I change it's ESN
    pl tell me
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    The ESN of a phone can not be changed.

    Doing so is illegal.
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    no,in my country it's not illegal, I need rechange ESN beacause I want to change my new cdma number, just new number, someone have done it , but not view。
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    since its not legal in most places, we don't have experience in this area.
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    need the jurisdiction of write esn ,
    look the esn is new date
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    Talk to your service provider, they may be able to give you information. From what I understand though, you give them the ESN and they connect it to your phone number. The only reason to change the ESN is if you are doing it for some shady (illegal) purpose. You won't find any information on this board for doing something like that.
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    You will not find information on changing the ESN on this board. I am sorry to hear that you can't use your phone without changing the ESN, but the cell phone manufacturers make it intentionally VERY difficult to change that number. It can't be changed using any known software method, and most likely, you will have to open the phone itself and do some fancy electrical work in order to have the ESN changed.

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