Treo 650 configuration: Garnet 5.4.8.
Desktop configuration: Windows XP, Palm OS 4.1.4, HosSync Manager 6.0.1

Work computer (Windows XP) contacts is set to be overwritten by the Treo 650. Home computer contacts is set to overwrite the Treo 650. To avoid confusion, I only update contacts info on the home computer.

Had been having various problems hotsynching at work. Tried again today and the Treo 650 Contacts were deleted and replaced by the Outlook Contacts. Bad!

Came home and wanted to hotsynch with the home computer to recover the Treo 650 Contacts. Wary of screw-ups, I verified hotsynch was configured such that the home computer would overwrite the Treo 650. Pushed the hotsynch button and everything looked okay - - - then discovered that the home computer Contacts were replaced by the Treo 650 contacts. Very bad!!!

Trying to recover what was lost, I discovered that the phone numbers are missing from most of the entries in the .aba files in the address folder. E-mail addresses are still there though. I guess I'll be sending e-mails to 100+ people requesting phone numbers and addresses.

Any thoughts? Home computer contacts conduit was configured correctly. I'm really tired of trying to figure out how to hotsynch to both home and work computers using Palm OS. Maybe a Chapura product is the way to go. . . .