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    I have run into a problem with doc's and ebooks. It seems that each different file only reads on some readers. Some of this is because of readers using their own file format, but even doc's seem to be read in only some of the doc reading programs (some .pdb file only read in some programs while some .pdb file only read in another). I would like to be able to use only one reader, and be able to convert lots of types of file so that I can read them. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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    I've been using iSilo and it's companion desktop software iSiloWeb. It reads all formats, and you can convert html documents to pdb's. Very handy, much faster than AvantGo in that respect. Set it to grab your websites while you're away, and they're there when you sync next. Hope this helps.


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    Try iambic Reader. It automatically converts Word documents, HTML tables, HTML files, text files, ebooks, web pages, and more into readable DOC format. It should be able to read anything you're trying to do and it comes with desktop synchronization tools for Windows PC to synchronize directly with Word.

    You can try it free for 30 days... it's available for 19.95.

    Another option is WordSmith, which I also love, but I can't convert everything I want with WordSmith like I can with Reader. I use WordSmith when I need to edit my documents and I use Reader for all my document reading.

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