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    I thought the UI on the 680 was supposed to be so intuitive and great, but it doesnt seem to have speed-dial...something I've had as a standard feature on all my previous phones since the mid 90's.

    or am I missing something? and, no, recently called #s doesnt qualify as speed dial. :-)
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    What about the favorites list?
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    Creating a speed-dial favorite button
    1 Press Phone .
    2 Select the Favorites tab.
    3 Press Menu .
    4 Select New Favorite on the Record
    5 Enter a label for the favorite:
    • If the entry is for an existing contact,
    select Lookup. Start entering the last
    name of the contact, and select the
    contact when it appears in the lookup
    • If the entry is for a new contact, enter
    the label, press Down , and enter
    the number.
    6 (Optional) Enter a Quick Key.
    DID YOU KNOW? If you’re upgrading from a Treo
    600/650, most of your favorites should
    transfer from your old Treo along with your
    other info. However, you may need to
    rearrange the order in which your favorites
    appear by opening the Record menu and then
    selecting Organize Favorites. For more info
    about upgrading, see Upgrading from another
    Palm OSŪ device.
    KEY TERM Quick Key A letter that you can
    press and hold to activate a favorite from any
    tab in the Phone app. For example, create a
    speed-dial button for your mother’s number
    and enter the letter M for “Mom” as the
    Quick Key. Then when you want to call her, go
    to the Phone app and press and hold M. Your
    smartphone dials the number.

    7 (Optional) Select More, and then select
    advanced options:
    Extra Digits: Defines additional digits to
    dial, such as a password or extension.
    To enter a one-second pause, insert a ,
    (comma) between digits. To add a
    longer pause, either enter more
    commas, or enter a p to add a 3-second
    Dial Extra Digits Automatically: Dials
    predefined extra digits immediately
    after dialing the phone number, when
    8 Select OK.
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    Thanks MDavis!

    I guess I really fall in the "expand the pie" category...

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