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    Has anyone seen a program for this posted yet?
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    What kind of tournament is it?
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    Michigan State will repeat.....My Mets and Giants couldmn't do it, watch my Spartans!!

    Go Green!
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    The program I referenced shows the initial matchups, but has no capability to pick a winner. After the first weekend, it is obsolete.

    Will keep looking....

    GO GREEN!!
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    lennonhead--it's NCAA basketball.

    flacks--thanks, I found this one too, which is helpful but was hoping for actual brackets. I've been trying to watch Palmgear...maybe someone will still post something in the next day or two. Go Hoosiers!!
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    Originally posted by lpas304
    lennonhead--it's NCAA basketball.
    Oh ok, I was afraid it was some sort of chicken eating contest (KFC March Madness). hehe
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    Such a program was posted today on tucows.

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