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    Just checked out the accessories forum and didn't have much luck, so I thought I would post here.

    I have been trying to find a good quality case that will allow me to carry my 650 around in my pocket without having to worry much about it. After reading countless reviews, all of these cases tend to blend together so I was hoping I could get some real world feedback.

    I don't need a belt clip, I just need a good fitting case that will offer some protection and maybe some additional grip without getting in the way. That said, any suggestions?


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    I use one of the Palm cases for this, although I had to perform some surgery to provide a cutout for my keyboard, and it's looking a little threadbare and grungy after living in my pocket for 12 hours per day for the last year. So I've thought about getting a new one.

    For $10 plus shipping (on sale), this one looks promising (plus it gives you an opportunity to thank our Treocentral hosts, with whom I have no affiliation):
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    I like Krusell cases, but mine ended up wearing the paint off part of the Treo. So now I am looking at Sena Cases, They look sharp and seem thin enough to keep the Treo in your pocket. Vaja makes a neat case, but it seems very overpriced.
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    I'm in the same boat, except I have to have hard screen protection. If I didn't, I'd probably go with the Seidio crystal or rubber cases.
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    Have you looked at these?

    Invisible Shield:

    I carry mine in pocket and use the bestskinsever. I'm considering a Seidio Black Rubberized case, but keep asking myself, why? The skins are cheap, do a great job protecting the Treo, add some grip as well and don't add any thickness to the phone or interefere with typing whatsoever.
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    im also looking for a case for pocket carrying, does anyone know ifSeidio will publish a slim version of that rubberized case for treo650?
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    In one of the other threads, Seidio did mention one should be available any day now.

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