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    Are you able to stream video, such as, on the 680 with Kinoma Player?
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    You can stream video in WMV format (Windows Media). YouTube uses an embedded Flash video player which isn't compatible with the 680, but the Kinoma Player 4 EX product claims to be able to handle that format. See for details.
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    Thanks for the link, has anyone been able to use Kinoma player successfully on the 680? Just wanted to know because streaming video is one of the reasons I was going to wait for the 750. But I think i will get a 680.
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    I'm struggling with the streaming video option. I have not really succeeded. The browser doesn't recognize some streaming video (like CNN comes up with a warning that I don't have WMP but could download it if I want to. Other sites I just get "unknown format" and others "insufficient bandwidth." Not much luck anywhere yet...
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    I tested video streaming on the 680 using the MSDN Channel 9 site at Depending on how the site embeds video, Blazer may or may not be able to direct the stream over to the embedded Kinoma player; plugins often won't work, while a simple link to a stream will. Popups that try to detect what video types you can handle are problematic.

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