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    Is there any program out there that can back up my Contacts only?

    Im having a problem with PalmDesktop its not letting me hotsync, I figured theres something wrong with my 700p.

    Problem started when I migrated all the files from my 650(Cingular) to 700p (Verizon)... And I'm guessing, some files that are not suppose to go to my new phone are having a conflict with the new ones on my 700p.

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    I recommend a CLEAN INSTALL. Hopefully all data that you desire is on the desktop. Hard reset the 700P and follow these upgrade instructions: (but do not re-sync the 600 -- leave the desktop as it is.)

    Cheers, Perry
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    As a fallback -- If you still have the 650 -- you can also infared BEAM all your PIM data to the new device from the 650 -- if you feel the desired data is no longer on the desktop.
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    I *believe* that RescoBackup can do this. I always back up everything, but I am almost certain that you can unselect everything but your contacts and back up just that.

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