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    Hi Everyone,

    Does any one know how to use Milan's Profiles "For expert use only!" option? I would like to be able use this option to switch between network profiles with the option key pressed. I've been search all over the web with no luck. The text file that comes with Profiles merely mention of this feature. Could someone help me find some more detailed instructions on this option or know how this could be done?

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    See section 6.3 of this document:
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    Thanks for the quick response, but I did see that before and it is more for developers. Specificly, would you know what parameter to set so that I can switch between network profiles?
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    From the FAQ:
    C: is the launch command
    D: is the optional data field

    You can determine - as I did - by trial and error and after many crashes that "5" in C: is the "launch" code (at least for CallFilter).

    A more scientific approach would be to look at the Palm OS development manual ( for the correct codes to use for the application you have in mind.
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    Don't know anything about palm programming to mess around with this, it has been toooo long since I did any programming, back to manual setting.
    Thanks for your input.

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