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    This may be a silly question but does the Green key no longer turn the unit on? Or pull up last numbers dialed? Or any of the functions it did on the 650?

    Speaking of which, where's the call history/log?
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    Well... I will say this much, the "My Treo" feature is helpful. Figured out everything except the change in the Green Key turning on the unit.
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    When in the phone app, pressing the green button will popup the recently dialed numbers. You can also use to start a call when you type in a number or select a number in a contact. Other than that it's pretty useless (just like in the 700p).
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    I will say it was more functional on the 650.
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    I will (once I get the hang of the new format over the 650) like the Red and Green buttons.

    My only complaint is that the Red and Green buttons are not tall enough! They are a bit recessed than the two rocker App buttons below them. When I try to hit the Red button, 7 out of 10 times I hit the Home App button!! Instead of hitting the Red button, the fatter part of my thumb hits the Home key first. You have to be kind of purposeful and hit the Red On/Off button with the tip of your thumb!

    Not the best ergonomics if you ask me. (IMHO!)

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