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    I have had this problem with about 10 of our company's Treo 700p's and all phones are running

    Treo700p-1.08-SPNT and
    Good Mobile Messaging v4.9.1.46_EN

    And we have other users that haven't had a problem at all. I myself have had my treo 700p for about 2 months and have only had a handful of resets. Is this possibly a firmware issue that i should wait till their is newer firmware or could this possibly be Goodlink software related?

    The only odd thing is that i have users have lockups while in goodlink, when they switch from blazer into goodlink and just from the phone itself coming out of powersave mode. When the phone comes out of powersave mode the screen never comes back on until a soft reset is done or the battery is pulled out. Any light someone can shed would be appreciated.

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    I too am having similar problems with Verizon. I have an open call with Good support, but have been in and out of the office too much lately to really follow up. I was sent a couple of patch files to load on my Treo, but they did not seem to solve the problem. I have read that it is a firmware issue that the GoodLink software exposes. It seems to me that it is a problem with the data connectivity of the device and just happens more frequently because GoodLink is syncing through the data connection. I say that because I have read about and experienced freezing without GoodLink installed by using blazer to browse the web. I can't explain why some would see the problems while others would not. I don't believe there are that many versions of the firmware out there. Of course, I could be wrong about that. If I get any definite resolution, I will post a follow up.
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    I was actually going to open a ticket with Goodlink but i think that its a problem with the firmware on the phone itself. All of the Treo 700p's that we have are running the same firmware and some function fine while others have a lot of troubles. I figured its worth a shot with Goodlink but i am hoping that a firmware upgrade is coming soon but who knows when that will happen.

    I had no troubles with my phone locking up until goodlink was installed.

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