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    I have a Treo 650. My emial is on a POP3 server and my desktop runs with MS Outlook.

    I have been using the Versmail to get my e-mail on my Treo (and contacts/calendar thru hoysync) and am looking to upgrade to a better software package (I am not entirely hapy with Versmail). Any suggestions??
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    Yes - try a quick search. You'll find LOTS of suggestions.
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    that's not true. There are no good options.
    I want the same thing- POP and Outlook email access.
    Versamail works- except it also syncs your calendar at work with your treo's-- I don't want that. I want my work calendar to be separate than my Treo's.

    The only other option is ChatterEmail which works- but slows a lot of things down on the phone. Makes PTunes skip. And drains my battery.

    So what else is there?
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    ChatterEmail shouldn't slow things down on the phone. It also doesn't inordinately drain the battery either; certainly no more than any other email application if used in the same way. As far as pTunes goes, most people don't see any skipping, but it turns out that a number of other applications can cause this to happen, but nobody is quite sure why.


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