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    Following the post for setting up the 680 to a CW network. I thought it would be good to post up info on how to setup the 680 for the T-Mobile network.

    So anyone out there that has that information, please share. I would like to know as well
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    Well, what you do is you take your SIM card out of your old phone and put it in the 680. For TMO, that's all there is to it. Everything is done through the card, at least on the 650, not only are there no user options, but they lock you out of it. I don't see how the 680 could be different.
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    Yep, tmobile is pretty easy to setup. I had a Nokia e61, HP 6915 and treo 650s all i have ever done is pop in the sim.
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    I don't see how the 680 could be different.
    i hope it isnt different, i just want it to work.

    my 650 just worked, but some ppl had issues with mms working when they first got their 650.
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    Yes, I just don't understand why people seem to go into a frenzy with getting settings. All the GSM based Treos since the 650 just read the setting from the sim. I've never had one that didn't yet on either T-Mobile or Cingular.
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    MMS issues are tmobiles fault (its just crappy). All u do is pop in the sim. Can't be much simpler than that. I haven't talked to tech support in years.
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    well that's good to hear but never know and so just wanted that information available to people should the need arise. It's like opening up your toy and finding batteries are not included...hehe
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    I also had problems with MMS on the 650 because I could not change the pre-sets for T-Mobile Internet or T-Zones, so Tech support had me create a new Service, under your Preference settings, and then Network. Hopefully, the 680 will not require you to do this.
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