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    I remember attempting to use the Treoi 650 with my hosted Exchange Server. It was flaky at best. It was also quite limited in that only email (from within a limited time period) would synchronize.

    My understanding is that with the 680, synchronization with Exchange is much improved. I don't expect that it will be flawless like my Windows Mobile device (HTC TyTn), but I'm wondering about a few things. If anyone has the answers, it would be appreciated.

    1. Is it correct that contacts, appointments and email can now by synchronized between the 680 and the Exchange Server?

    2. Can the categories in Outlook/Exchange be synchronized as well? Any idea what happens since Outlook allows multiple categories? In the past, that would lead to a sync error on the 650.

    3. When I synchronize a WM 5.0 device with the Exchange Server, it syncs the photos associated with the contact. This is so whether the photo is added via the desktop (Outlook) or the mobile device. Do the contact photos synchronize with the Treo 680 and Exchange?

    By the way, I'm speaking strictly of over the air synchronization with the server. I know if I sync with my desktop, some of these issues are irrelevant. I'm speaking specifically of syncing OTA with Exchange.

    Thanks for your help.
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    A couple of answers:
    1. Mail, contacts and calendar synch with Exchange ActiveSync
    2. I am not sure how categories are dealt with. I made an event with more than one category - one called business and one called Gifts. The Business category synched via EAS. Events in Palm OS can only have one category.
    3. Images synchronize via HotSync for sure. I don't believe this works via Exchange ActiveSync synch. I tried via EAS - no photo synched.
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    The OTA calendar sync and email sync work perfectly as they did for me with the 650, with many welcome additional options (such as asking how far back to sync the calendar). However, the OTA sync of contacts is a step backward after using Pocketmirror Pro. The categories sync until you run into the 16 category limit, and then it gets screwed up from there. In addition, not all of the fields from Outlook sync with the 680, leaving me with far less information than I had before. So, I've decided to return the 680 and go back to the 650, where I can skip OTA contacts.
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    What version of Versamail/Email is on the 680? I use 3.5 and under Preferences>Autosync I can deselect and schedule Mail, Calendar, and Contacts.
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    It's the same version, but when you deselect Contacts, that just means it won't sync unless you tell it to...but that doesn't give you the option of syncing contacts with your computer rather than OTA.
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    Thanks for your help. I really like the form factor of the Treo. However, it looks like the OS still has some limitations in terms of synchronization. I have a Windows 5.0 device that synchronizes literally every single field in Outlook and any number of categories. But again, I confess, the Treo 680 form factor is a beauty.
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    You have a lot of options for synching contacts OTA (via Exchange ActiveSync). The HotSync conduit still works regardless of your EAS settings.

    You can choose not to use OTA sync if you want - In VersaMail, Contacts and Calendar, there are menu options Sync All or Sync Contacts (or Calendar or Mail, respectively).

    Then in VersaMail, you can choose how it synchronizes when you AutoSync or when you press the manual Sync button. Both actions can be set to be selective - you can choose to Sync All or just Mail for the Sync button. For AutoSync, you can choose to Sync a list of options - You can select any or all of Mail, Calendar and Contacts. The additional options relate to days of the week and how often AutoSync takes place.

    Category sync has always been low in Palm OS compared to Windows Mobile. Agendus and PocketMirror Pro make up some of the deficit.
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    Sorry, but everywhere I look it says clearly that if you use OTA sync with Exchanger ActiveSync, you CANNOT the hotsync conduits for contacts or calendar anymore.

    From the manual...

    [ ! ] IMPORTANT If you set up VersaMail to work with Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, Calendar
    and Contacts information automatically synchronizes directly with the Exchange server, along
    with email messages. You cannot choose to synchronize Calendar and Contacts info with
    Palm Desktop software or Outlook once you set up VersaMail to work with a Microsoft Exchange
    ActiveSync account. If you do not want to synchronize Calendar and Contacts info with the
    server, do not set up VersaMail to work with a Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync account.
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    Just get a 750 instead of a 680, OTA syncs work great and you have the form factor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by freit5 View Post
    Just get a 750 instead of a 680, OTA syncs work great and you have the form factor.
    Well, I'm in the US. The 750 is not available. Is it?
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    It is available in the US as an unlocked Vodaphone branded unit. It will work on the Cingular network.

    The Cingular version should be coming out in Dec-Jan time frame.
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    but it's also running around $725 right now unlocked...not worth it IMO for a WM5 device
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    I want to stick to Palm software...I have a big investment in it, and it seems much more intuitive. The new versamail is the only downside. Let's hope they fix it.

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