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    Heres the deal , the old versions of BackupBuddy (I'm guessing 1.2-1.6) icon's (prc file) were all in color

    (3 little apps) when installed in my prism.

    The old version also allowed to use's FTP service to backup your software ONLINE.

    what I want to accomplish.....>>>>>>

    To be able to access my files from my FTP with my Minstrel S modem incase of a Hard Reset. (Files will travel @ 14.4) And use the old BackupBuddy 1.4-1.6 PRC files while doing this.

    ---Now I have a copy of both BackupBuddy 3.4 and 3.5 with all the conduits but I am having trouble installing them for some reason it goes threw the install process on my computer but doesn't install the freaking app!.

    I guess it doesn't really matter if the app itself (on my visor) gets killed but! it would be cool to do some app switching and imagine you could store as many files on your computer/FTP as you wanted.

    Are their any Developers in the house that could help me ?!?

    Does anyone know if the new version of BackupBuddy is in color ?

    Does anyone know the version of the new BackupBuddy?

    What is a good alternitive (to what I'm trying to do) FTP program that will allow me to backup my files online , on my FTP or on my computer wirelessly?

    Is their something even better than Backupbuddy out their?

    Does anyone know how to flash the firmware on the Minstrel S ? (I have a modem from Omnisky but I'm using yadayada)

    Looks like to me 's PQA and Storage is the best way to go , But I would still like to be able to access my own system with the old BackupBuddy PRC file , and use the other 2 PRC's (Timesync & AutoSync)

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