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    I have noticed that when I delete email on Versamail (I do choose 'Delete message(s) from Device) that it does not delete it off the earthlink side. I delete on the Treo, and it still is on webmail on Earthlink, even 10 minutes later.

    I tried using the other email interface in the mainmenu (Mail) and it shows the same behavior.

    Did not see this in the archives so I am posting here. Has anyone experienced this problem and/or know how to get around it?

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    When I used VersaMail to retrieve my Earthlink mail using a cellphone and Palm, if I marked a message for deletion from the server, it would not delete until my next Send/Receive. (I currently use SnapperMail on my Zodiac sometimes to retrieve e-mail from my Earthlink account, and it works the same way.)
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