Hey folks, finally returned from TG away and brought my 680. Spent the four days configuring my new toy and transerfing all my data from old i500. Went very smoothly. Only a few programs wouldn't port over (from OS4) and I have quickly remedied that. By the way, used my GoogleMaps and checked my email all the time. GREAT stuff! Here's my question.

What is the story on the streaming vidieo? the User Manual says that we can stream in a number of formats, but I haven't been able to do so (although I haven't tried much) However, when I did try, the screen spashed "Kinoma" and then brought up a player, but nothing happened. it kept saying "unsupported fomat" and "insuficient bandwidth". Other times it never anything. So...

What are some good sites to try streaming video?
Has anyone gotten it to work on the 680?
Is it really an option on EDGE speeds or are we always going to have "insuficient bandwidth"?
Where did the "Kinoma" come from? I know Kinoma just released a new player, but the 680UG says nothing about it. Am I missing something?

Love my 680!