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    A clean install is always best. This Treo 600 to a Treo 650 thread is still valid. If you have a prior PalmOS device -- DO NOT just sync your new 700P to your current userid -- it will cause problems; follow the instructions in this link and just substitute the number of your current PalmOS device in the instructions where the word "600" is and relplace where you see "650" with "700P". An ounce of pervention is worth a pound of cure!

    Cheers, Perry.
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    I've been bouncing from thread to thread reading about the 700p. I'm interested in getting my first Treo and I'm still not clear if I can specifically sync the data off my Palm TX into a brand new Treo 700p? The title of this thread implies that's the case but the link bounces me over to a thread that talks about upgrading from a 600 to a 650. I know you guys are probably multi-generation Treo users and haven't touched a simple pda in years but I'm trying to figure out (and justify buying) if it's smart to jump from a Palm TX that I've only had six months to a Treo 700p. A very important piece of that is the ability to move 2500 (or more) contacts from the TX to the 700p painlessly. That and the fact that there seems to be so much discussion about the instability and the poor battery life of the 700p.

    That brings up a observation from a newbie to this forum. I couple of threads that were discussing the poor battery life and issues with the whole problem with getting "screwed" from an old vision plan to a new power vision plan, just seem to stop months ago with no indication of a consistant resolution. Also the FAQ thread hasn't been updated for two months.

    Are 700p batteries still not good for a full day of use?

    Is it still a battle of the wills with Sprint Customer Service and getting a good replacement data plan for the 700p?

    Thanks for any input and or direction


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