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    I have been contemplating the stylus on my new 680...

    My theory on the new stylus (Black shiny tip, chromed steel base (about 1") and topped by stiff black plastic of ~2") is that it needs to be plastic at the top to make the phone radio work well.

    The thesis: If the stylus was steel all the way, it would be running right next to the internal antenna. I suspect this would cause the radio to be less sensitive or, in other words, to drop calls or have more unavailability.

    Any RF engineers out there who can verify my theory?
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    they did it to same a 2 cents.
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    Save 2 cents? On the contrary... Seems to me that it would be cheaper to tool up to create 2 or 1 piece than to create 3 pieces and have to assemble them all.

    Of course you could be right. It's probably cheaper to shape plastic than metal...relatively easy to create a metal tube, but harder to create a metal grip and point.

    I thought the internal antenna was on the opposite side from the stylus silo. Hmmm.
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    Most patch antennas are fairly large, so I suspect the patch on the 680 takes up most of the upper rear portion of the phone.
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    They probably did it to make it different than the other models. That way you have to buy a special 680 one if you want a replacement.
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    Good point!!
    Thank You,
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