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    Well, I just got a reconditioned treo 700 in excahnge for a broken 650 that was replaced under sprint's replacement insurance program (pleasant surprise!) and I am having a problem that has previously driven me crazy. Versamail on my 650 typically to 20 - 30 mintues to empty messages out of the trash. I would usually let them pile to 500-600 and would not have the server synced. I assumed the delay was due to the 650's poor memory handling. However, I just got my 700 and installed the software and it DOES THE SAME THING. Makes me want to smash it with a bat!

    Would it be better to use the biz conn program (I think its Sprint specific)? Is there a way around this delay? I'm not sure if it matters but I use a IMAP protocall.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated...

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    A friend of mine with a 650 has the same problem - deleting about 1300 emails takes a good 45 minutes to delete. I am using the automatic delete feature on my 700P and have no problems.
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    The delay is due to VersaMail. The only rela resolution is to clean the account more often than you do.

    If you will, the PalmOS file system is essentially one large database. And VersaMail is a program that stores email messages in that file system. If you let it get large, then it does take a while to delete, as the delete function is one part message collection, and a second part delete and remove from server.
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