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    i took the plunge and took apart my 650 in attempt to fix the P key. I bent the contact enough so that it had some click to it, but my shift key is hopeless. its just too sensitive and i get random caps. Anyone know a program that would allow me to disable the right shift key?
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    When ever I had the "p" problem I took the treo back and got a new one. they have a 1 year factory defect warrenty. (well at least sprint's did).
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    i bought mine used on ebay =( i was thinking of putting something between the contacts, but i really dont want to open it up again unless i have to.
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    I bought a new keyboard from pdaparts website for about $30. I had dropped my treo, and the P button especially gave me grief. Took too long for it to arrive, and I took apart the Treo to fix it myself. You can prob just take it apart again and see how the damage is, and replace if needed.

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