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    Can anyone help - I'm trying to run Yahoo Music files(.wma?) on my T650 w/PTunes. Yahoo tells me it's compatible but they have been totally useless in helping me launch. I subscribed to Music Unlimited To Go and I purchase songs. I then plug my 2G card into my PC multimedia slots and drag the purchased files from "My Music" to the Card.

    When I return the card to the T650, the songs come up in PTunes but when I try to play them I get an error message saying the Treo can't find any license for the files and it won't play.

    If I connect my T650 to the PC via USB, Yahoo Music doesn't recognize it as a portable device. There's nothing for me to drag the files to. Do I have to somehow do this through the Palm Desktop Installer?

    I'm sure I'm the culprit in this problem - any help appreciated.
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    Did you run the install program from PocketTunes? I will install a driver that allows Yahoo and WMP to recognize the Treo with PocketTunes. You also have to connect, then start PTunes. Yahoo music works great, but you aren't going to get the songs to play until you connect and sync with Yahool
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    In order to listen to subscription music in PocketTunes, the music must be synched into PT from Windows Media Player. You must have PocketTunes 3.1 or higher, and MTP mode must be selected in the "Copy from PC" preferences.

    When you run the PocketTunes installer on the PC, make sure Windows Media Player integration is selected.

    Once everything is installed, start PocketTunes on the Treo, THEN plug the Treo in via USB. The Treo will say "Communicating with PC" and the PC will come up with a "Found New Hardware" wizard for a "pocketTunes MTP Device."

    Once the install is complete, you can sync songs to the device using the "Sync" tab in WMP 10 or higher.


    note: The same instructions apply for any playsforsure subscription service, not just yahoo. In fact, I use Real Rhapsody.
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    You can sync the Treo directly in Yahoo when you have Music to Go. You start plug in the Treo, start Yahoo Jukebox, start PocketTunes. It will connect to the PC and then you can drag and drop music and playlists to the Treo.

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