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    This will be quick and to the point, since I really wanted to sit down and play with my new toy this weekend but somehow ran out of time, and now have to go to work early in the AM... But since I have been using it for a couple days now, I will add to the list of comments for those who are still waiting or deciding. Note that my previous experience with Palm OS is quite extensive, but the only other Treo I've used was a 650 for about 3 months while overseas.

    - I must be the only one in the world, but I do *not* like the new phone app. Maybe I am just used to the old one.

    - I absolutely love the new form factor. Even with my large hands the 650 felt just a bit too big. This one feels just right.

    - The SIM lock *can* be removed via the IMEI. I had mine done by gsmphonesource without any trouble.

    - Build quality seems excellent - great "fit and finish". SD-Card door seems a bit flimsy, but when closed stays tight and seamless.

    - Unit is slippery, and should have some rubberized grippie things at least on the sides.

    - MobilTS by DDH software does work with this phone (used to access Windows Terminal Servers and crucial to me).

    - I still find the volume to be too low for my taste even on the highest setting, and the lower settings to be functionally useless.

    - I haven't noticed any huge difference, better or worse, in the sound quality. Nobody that I was talking to said they noticed any difference either.

    - Don't like the fact that the voice memo & text memo apps are not integrated. I use both, and hate having to check both of them. (Anyone here remember the memo app from the Kyocera 7135? Voice, text, and doodle memos all in one spot! I would *pay* to have that app on my 680!)

    Ok, I need to go to sleep now, but over the next few days I will be testing some VNC clients, KBLightsoff, FileZ, mergic ping, MMPlayer, PXA Clocker, and of course Warfare Inc! All results will be posted here.
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    good summary, who's your carrier if you got it unlocked?
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    Quote Originally Posted by foofighter View Post
    good summary, who's your carrier if you got it unlocked?
    Cingular when I am here (Orlando, Fl), but I spend much of my time in various parts of Europe and carry 3 separate SIMs (Omnitel, Vodaphone, and Tele2). This is why being able to unlock the phone was crucial for me.
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    oh wow, cool!
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