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    It deletes it or it doesn't restore it after you have done a hard reset? The call log does not get synch'ed. You will need a program called sync all in order to have a the databases sync'ed that palm thought would not be necessary.
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    Thanks for your reply. I really don't want anything that complex. I just want to keep the call log. I also can't remember when I did a hard reset but are you saying that deactivates the call log sync? I am just trying to keep the call log after I hotsync which I do quite often.
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    There is nothing complex. My experience has taught me that the call log db is not synchronized via a normal hotsync. I have hard reset and restored my phone settings via hot sync and the call log was empty afterwards. With "sync all", which is free, you can backup all those files/db's that otherwise would not have been.
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    I really don't care if I restore my previous call log, I just want the log to continue from this point forward after I hotsync. The normal hotsync of calendar and contacts deletes the call log everytime then it starts over until I hotsync again.
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    I think the PhoneLog does get backed up (PhoneCallDB.PDB). Try deleting this file on your PC (in the Backup folder). Maybe the file is corrupted.

    What does the Hotsync Log say? Any hints in there about what may be happening?
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