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    I received my Treo 680 yesterday. Awesome device. While scouring the other forums I ran across an application called InfoNub. This application provides a slick front-end to the Google SMS service, meaning I can now quickly and easily access Internet data such as weather forecasts, driving directions, price look-up through UPC codes (GREAT for price comparisons while Christmas shopping), and more, all through text messaging.

    I'm going to stay away from a data plan for now, since InfoNub seems to provide the basic data services I need, and I already have an unlimited Text Message plan. Does anyone else have experience with this application? You can find it at Actually, even if I do sign up for a data plan in the future I'll probably still use this because my queries will be saved in text messages for reference the next time I need the same data. Pretty handy little app.
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    You say you received your device... where did you order\buy it from?
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    There seems to be no place to order the 680. The only source is Cingular, for Cingular phones only.
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    Yes, you're correct -- Cingular store. A little bit of luck never hurts.

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