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    Hi all,

    What the hell happened here? I just sent a buddy of mine 10 MMS's in rapid succession. I was doing them so fast that I had to re-send 3 of them. They all went through fine, but then, when I tried to look at my messages again, they were ALL GONE. Did a soft reset. No difference. I don't just mean the messages between him and me, but rather ALL messages I had ever sent and received with the device over the course of an entire YEAR!

    Is there any way to retrieve them? Has this happened to anyone else? And I am most curious about as to WHY this happened??????
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    from backup. Hopefully, you have not synced because that will copy the corrupted file to your PC.
    See if the above file is there in the Backup folder under your Hotsync name on the PC. If so, you can "install" it to the Treo using Quickinstall.
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