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    I wanted to get the Treo 600 way back when it first came out, but the original tales of lockups, freezes, and other hardware issues scared me off.

    Then the 650 came out. Same thing. And for some reason, nearly every "P" button I came across felt mushy, like it had no "click" left in it compared to the other keys.

    It's nearly 2007 and the Treo 680 is out. I'm happy to see more memory on board with this model. Maybe that'll translate into something that crashes less?

    And did they do any better in making the keys more uniform feeling?

    I know it's early since the the Treo 680 is so new. But I'd love to hear more user's impressions so far regarding stability and build quality.
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    Mushy "P?" Mine's as firm as a rock. My "U" feels a bit spineless, but that's more than made up for by a really aggressive "Z." Frankly, I've never trusted the "J" but that's a bit bigoted of me, as I've never liked letters that hang around "H" and "K" all night long.
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    Well I've got J, H, and K in my name, All I can say is I hate it when I have a "mushy P". Don't they make an ointment for that?
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    I never said that ALL Treo 650's had uneven feedback for keys. Just every one I happened to come across (in-store units, people I talk to who have Treos that let me check it out). As luck would have it, each one felt like the "P" button might as well have been a sticker, painted to look like a key.

    Can either of you comment on the stability so far?
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    My 'P' key is my favorite on my 650, has a definite click feeling to it unlike all of the other keys.
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    I noticed the 'p' on my bro's Treo (no click to it) i would have hated it, luckily mine feels like all the other keys...

    Wireless Andy, what phones have you put through your tests lately?
    (your on HoFo no?)
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