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    I was trying to free up my Treo 600 memory by getting rid of a few programs and some data I'm not using. In doing so, I was on the "Delete" list [Menu>App>Delete], and while scrolling the list, there was one item called "Untitled" and was a rather large 1.2 megs in size. Anybody have any idea what this mystery item could be, or is there any way to query the machine for the answer? (No such item as "untitled" appears on the "Info" section of the App list.)
    John Gillis
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    I'd get the free "Filez" program, if you don't already have it. Then use it to view the files in memory and see if you can find one that's 1.2 Meg in size, and isn't listed in the Delete list. Actually, the 1.2 meg could be the sum of multiple files, so if you can't find a single file of that size, look for any .prc file that isn't listed in the delete list. That's probably your "untitled" file.
    Bob Meyer
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    Thanks much for the pointer. I try that out.

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