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    One of the things I like best about my 700p is it's ability to occupy the kids during long car rides with all the games I've put on it. Much to my chagrin, when my 6-year-old handed my Treo back to me with the familiar "Here Dad", I saw that the splash screen was blinking on and off. [I think he did did a soft reset in the middle of the phone resetting on its own.]

    Ughh...I had dozens of apps, hacks and customizations on my phone, painstakingly crafted just the way I like it....

    After trying unsuccessfully to soft and hard reset, I took it into my local Sprint store, who amazingly, replaced my unit for free.

    When I got home, I popped back in my flash card and crossed my fingers as I had never tried to restore before (and wasn't even sure I had been backing up). Turns out, luck was on my side. I clicked on the NVBackup icon, and a few minutes later, my new phone was set up identical to my old phone.

    Thanks NVBackup and Sprint!

    Before your Treo craps out, make sure that you too are backing up!
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    Backing up is very important - done nightly and without fail using Resco Backup. Now, have you thought of security for your device? I see someone using it that may unintentionally enter an application, make changes, et cetera. Teal Lock 6 does an excellent job with securing the device and a pretty good job of securing applications. I say pretty good because it displays the application that goes to the security screen for entry of the password and because of that I am now trying Password Lock. Anyway, you might look at password protection of some functions on your device.

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    i use nvbackup and have never had to restore. I am glad to know it works.
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    NV has saved my **** more times than I can count. And its FREE, which is the best part.

    And what could possibly posess you to hand over your Treo to a KID?! That is just a bad idea. I don't let other ADULTS play with mine, much less kids. Get them a game boy or something.

    but if you must let them play with it, utilize a little app called applock. It lets you lock programs you don't want them messing with.
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    ironically, it wasn't the adult programs that were the problem....some of the games reset periodically; I think he tried to restart while it was already restarting.....
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    I'm a fan of resco backup, got it set to update my backup to the card nightly at 2AM every night. Restores perfectly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Merlyn_3D View Post
    I'm a fan of resco backup, got it set to update my backup to the card nightly at 2AM every night. Restores perfectly.
    Seconded. Resco Backup has *never* let me down. Works like a charm every time. Incremental backups and scheduled backups speed things along. I used this on my old Palm device, and used it once again tonight on the 700p. Any good backup application is a requirement in my book. Resco does me right, so I stick with it
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    I've been a big fan of backupman since it's inception... simple GUI and tested many times. Though I wish he'd do differentials by now...
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    There is a new version of NVBackup dated 11/25/2006.

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