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    not sure if this exists, couldn't find it with a search here or web.

    Any ideas?

    Cingular 680
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    There are no SD cameras compatible with OS5.4.
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    Why would you need this? Doesnt the 680 have a nice build in camera?
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    Camera yes, but if the T350 is any indication (and the reviews) NICE? No...
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    the camera is ok, not great
    Cingular 680
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    Like an SD card camera will be any better... Still cheap low quality sensor with a crappy plastic lens. Maybe you can get 'em in 1.3mp or something.. So more pixels, same ugly picture.
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    Unless it's outdoors. I have an HP-branded Veo 130S on my T3 and it's pretty decent, albeit VERY slow.
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    Most digital cameras that have SD card slots can share their storage card with the Treo 680... I've got a Panasonic DMC-TZ1 5MP camera that uses a SD card; I can pop out the card, put it in my 680, and edit/share photos.

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