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    Hi all:

    My teething son sucked on my phone for no more than 10 sec.!!! At first the phone was trying to hot sync even though it was not connected to cables. Then that stopped. Now the phone powers on and dials out but I can't hear anything. I've called my landline and I can hear myself on the cell phone but can't hear anything from the cell phone itself. On the screen the 2nd icon is missing - the one to switch from speaker phone to bluetooth. Can anyone help me on this one? It's a unlocked Rogers phone that I'm using FIDO on so I don't think I can get much help from either. OR should I just go buy another?

    Thank you in advance!

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    Where did he suck on it? might want to take the battery out and dry out where he sucked on it. Do you have a backup as well? I've fixed a phone with similar problems by opening it up , airing it out, then wiping it with a zero-out reset.
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    He sucked the charger / sync connection area. I don't think it got to the battery as the Palm still works. It's just the speaker part?
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    This is a shot in the dark but could your kid have gotten slobber into the headphone jack? It sounds like the Treo thinks there is a headset plugged in.
    See if you can clean out that area, then try a hard reset if you've got your Treo backed up. Good luck!
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    It is probably the slobber causing a short. . . . take the battery out . . . try to clean out the area . . . . a nozzle vaccuum attachment may work . . . . and a final dry out can be accompliched by putting the Treo in a sealed ziplock bag with several of those silica packets that come in electronics or medicine shipping. Leave it in the bag for at least a night. (On a sunny window sill works well, also.) Those silica packets do a great job in a final dry out of a wet Treo -- they can even suck the moisture out between layers of the touch screen. . . . .

    Cheers, Perry.
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    That's should not be funny but...Lol!!!

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