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    hey guys. I've had the 700p from sprint since may. On thursday out of 3he blue my phone radio would not turn on. It said network searching and a red T, ive never seen before with 650 or 600
    Called sprint (like an *****) and basicly they told me that there are service outages in my area New york city, nice lady declined to shift satallites from Jersey so i didn't have a phone on thaksgiving oh well
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    So i sent my gf to sprint (alot faster that way) and they gave me a replacement which im typing on now.

    So I tried to set the phone to show the dial pad while it types in contacts, like in the 650. So it crashes big surprise, so i set it back.

    NOW it chrashes everytime i enter contacts. I can still find numbers by setting them in speed dial.

    what u guys suggest?
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    ok was thinking of doing a hard reset to an old backup. I renamed it before my last back, when I sent it to sprint.

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