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    It's seems like the availability of the 680, both in stores and through online orders, has been somewhat of a lottery.

    Some can find them in stores while other stores have not heard of this new phone. I read where some have had thier 680s shipped with tracking no less. While others check religiously the order status to see if the dreaded "pending" or "preparing for shipment" has changed.

    This may go down as one of the most anticipated, most rumored, most successful release in Palm history. I can only hope that the device is better prepared for release than the 650 was.
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    Yeah, I bought one in my local Cingular store but have decided to just order a unlocked one and stick with T-Mobile. No way am I giving this one up until I get the one I order from Palm or my 30 day trial gets close to ending with Cingular.

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