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    I purchased the 3 pack of Palm's Flexi cases for my 680. Unfortunately, there is a major design flaw IMHO. There is no cutout for the ear speaker! The skin completely covers the speaker and mutes the volume to an inaudible level. I had to resort to using an exacto knife and a pair of scissors to cut my own hole.
    Sounds like Palm rushed the 680 Flexi Cases out. The 700 series Flexi skins have a cutout for the ear speaker.
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    Yeah, I agree the cutout would've been nice. Though, for me I don't have to strain at all with callers…?

    Plus, the pink one. Hmm. It's not even day-glow ironic punk cool.
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    does my pocket count as a case? then again, the 650 fit in it so i guess it wouldnt be a specific case.

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