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    Is there any way to turn-off contact sync for VersaMail.. I dont want to sync my contacts from my Palm to the server.
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    If your server supports POP or IMAP for mail, you can use that instead of using ActiveSync. Contacts are only synced when using ActiveSync, but you can't disable contact sync if you're using that protocol.
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    I unselected the Sync Contacts and Calendar in VersaMail options, but I believe the first time you sync, it *will* do all of them. Very frustrating as I found all my personal calendar events on my company calendar. Anyway, after that initial sync, I overwrote my Contacts and Calendar with a backup copy on my local computer, deleted my company contacts and have not seen a sync yet.

    So in summary, no for the initial, yes for syncs afterwards.
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    Turning off Sync Contacts and Sync Calendar will help... however, if you lose your "sync key" (part of the ActiveSync protocol that helps the server identify when you last synced data), you may see it try to sync contacts and calendar again. That shouldn't normally happen, but a device crash or a server reset could cause this event.
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    I believe you are talking about the "ActiveSync" options, correct? Does that mean if I do a manual sync (choose receive in the email menu) it will still update contacts/calendar as well (in addition to a re-sync when the key is lost?


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    another app RoadSync is syncing only emails

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