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    Maybe somebody can help. I registered Microquad back when I had the Zodiac. Now I own a Treo 700p, and have been rediscovering my Palm software (thank god I backed it all up!). So I installed Microquad amongst others. The game runs great, except for one issue. I cannot exit! Hitting the end call button brings up the familiar "continue/exit" menu, but it does not work when you tap on exit. I have to actually soft reset the device to get out. I already contacted the author, and he claims that nobody else has reported this issue. Can anybody else help?
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    From the main screen, you should be able to scroll left or right through the options at the bottom of the screen until it says exit. Then just press the center button to exit. I'm running v1.1.

    The odd thing on my unit is that after I exit, Kinoma 4 opens. Strange.
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    Actually, it is different in the way you exit while in-game. I saw someone else had the issue in the bugs thread after posting this, so I contacted the author. Hopefully it gets fixed...I like Microquad

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