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    I was looking at getting a treo 680 unlocked but had some questions. Right now i am on the sprint network and the data plan is 15 dollars unlimited. Is there such a deal with t-mobile or other gsm provider on a pre-pay basis. And is the maxx for sd card really only 2gb? why not 4GB?
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    I don't think the GSM carriers have a prepay data plan available. As for the SD card, the 680 can handle certain 4GB cards. Search the forums for more info.
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    i believe cingular has a pre paid plan than can do data.

    t-mo doesnt really. their pre-paid plan should only do certain (like 5) wap sites. an you cant check your emails.

    currently though, on my 650, it is wide open and I can check email and go to different site. same sim in the 600 has limited access.
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