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    It sounds like some of you have been able to buy the 680 in Cingular stores, but I am having trouble finding them. Some stores have told me that they MAY get some in tomorrow, but it's not a guarantee.

    Are they selling out fast, or is this just a distribution issue?
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    Seems like a few stores got a couple of teasers but most stores are still waiting . When they get here I'm sure there will be plenty.
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    I'm starting to believe that they have them, but not today during that 2 for 1 special.
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    The 2-for-1 seemed to have been random throughout the US - no one here (MD) had any idea what that was. It seems to be very dependent upon your market.

    I ordered a 680 the week of the 12th and got it about a week ago. It's an upgrade from by 650, but while the 680 is a nicer phone, and I cannot wait until the 750 comes out (which is now sometime the first week of December, apparently and the phone that I really wanted), I am returning it and getting a Cingular 8525. I love the Palm phones but can't keep hanging around waiting forever. My 8525 will arrive by Fedex on Tuesday Long live the Palm, but I can't imagine going back right now - great phones, though.
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    why do you want to 750 over the 680?

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