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    I have a Treo 650 and the other night I was enjoying listening to PTunes with my earbuds when I accidentally dropped it off the bed. I figured I'd just go to sleep at that point. Next day, I tried to listen to the speaker (sans earbuds) with no luck. Also, no tones when selecting options as usual. And then I realized I couldn't make a phone call without the earbuds. I looked all through Settings and couldn't find an option. The sound is ON. When I called my phone the ringer rang audibly, but then I couldn't hear anything over the earpiece or listen to anything with the external speaker.

    Anybody have any idea what could have happened?? Could something have gotten damaged when the earbud plug pulled out of the device? Help, I need somebody... (apology to the Beatles...)
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    you can try opening it up and re-seating the earpiece speaker, its not glued or soldered in or anything and is only held in place by friction so maybe it got moved.

    this video will show you how to open your treo 650,

    also, you may have broken your headphone port so that it always thinks your headset is plugged in, if thats the case i don't know how to help you but if you search i know other people have faced this problem.

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