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    I have had my Treo 700p for a few weeks now, and recently ran across two must-have applications that made my life easier -- so I thought I would share.

    The first one is InfoNub. This one takes the cake! Up until now I have been leary of paying my cellular provider exorbitant fees for a data plan. So I've been using Google's SMS service to fetch data while on-the-go. InfoNub makes this so much easier, since it provids simple forms and a nice five-way navigator control so I can use it one-handed in the airport.
    InfoNub site,

    The second is LudasP. This one lets me map my green "send" button to launch an application. I haven't had a need for this button, so it's nice to use it for something useful. Actually, I have mapped my green button to launch InfoNub, so the two go hand-in-hand (no pun intended ).
    LudasP site,

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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    I fail to see the pun. please help.

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    Google SMS and 4Info SMS do the same thing as Infonub for FREE.

    The funny thing is InfoNub actually uses Google to search
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    Franko515: Yes, but InfoNub does the work of sending properly-formatted text messages to Google so: a) I don't have to worry about the keywords, b) I get a nice user interface to navigate through while on-the-go, instead of typing raw text message requests, c) InfoNub even remembers the last zip code I searched on, so when I want to get the latest Weather I just launch it and press "submit". So it harnesses Google SMS and saves me time -- well worth my $12.71 (after the discount advertised on the front page of their web site). Anything that saves me precious minutes throughout my day is a winner in my book. But your mileage may vary.

    In the past I used DirectoryAssist (I think that was the name) back when I had a data plan on my phone. It was merely a front-end to other yellow and white page web sites, however it saved me precious minutes throughout my day so I loved it. I have since cancelled my expensive data plan though, in favor of using InfoNub for text message data exclusively (my cellular plan gives me free unlimited text messages, so this made sense in my circumstance). However, even if I had a data plan I would use InfoNub as all of the query results are stored in text messages for quick and easy referral in the future. For example if I need to pull up driving directions from a few days ago...

    blackboxsocial: I said "hand-in-hand" when referring to two handheld applications so that was my pun.

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