I have been using Versamail 3.0 with my Apple .Mac IMAP email account for over a year without any problems. Yesterday my email database file on my Treo became corrupted and was behaving strangely, so I deleted all three of the mail database files. I was then required to re-configure the account settings for my .Mac email account. I entered the same settings I have always used.

I am able to send and receive messages, but now each sync is followed by an error message. When I "get" mail, the messages are retreived from the server and then versamail tells me "unable to sync folder". After I send a message, it says "unable to move to sent folder."

I assume this has something to do with moving the messages to the correct folder on the IMAP server, but I cannot figure out how to fix this problem, nor can I figure out why I am getting these messages all of a sudden.

Anyone have any ideas? I've searched the forums extensively and am having no luck finding a similar issue.