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    I am trying to run j2me application on Palm treo 650. But when i launch teh application my device restarts.
    I have done the following steps.
    1. Copied MIDP.PRC by hot Sync
    2. Copied MyApp.PRC by hot Sync
    3. Launched MyApp.prc on Palm Tre0 650. It gives the java liscence screen. I clicked on "ACCEPT"
    4. As soon as i click on Accept, my device restarts.
    5. Next time i again tried to launched, this time too device restarts.
    Plz let me know how do i run my j2me application on palm treo 650??

    Additional information, my executable (Jar) size is 40 KB.

    Waiting for repy.

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    No sure if that can help but :

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