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    My organization uses Act! for Notes which is developed by a company called GTX Corp. I'm trying to find out if Act! for Notes is exportable to my Visor, but I've been unable to find out. It seems like this company has only one sales person, and nobody else gives a rats ***.

    Anybody know? If I HAVE to, I might be able to export my data to Act! 2000 and then import it into my Visor.
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    IIRC, ACT! for Notes stores the data in a Notes database(s)-- NSF file. The AFN portion is nothing more than a collection of custom templates and views. You'll have to temporarily convince yourself that you're dealing with a Notes database file.

    With that said, anything stored in a Notes database file can be exported to an ASCII file. Data can even be exported to a dBase, Access or Approach database file (but only if those export features were installed during your Notes desktop setup. I believe they can be added later through File-Export).

    And if the data happens to be addresses, notes, dates-- they can be sync'ed over to your Visor's built-in apps via Globalware's PylonPro Conduit, or PumaTech's IntelliSync. In both cases, you'll have to initially map the database fields to your Palm/Visor built-in applications.

    But if all you wanted to do was export the data, Notes itself supports various export formats, including ASCII, popular database formats (dBase, Approach, Access), Excel, 1-2-3, etc. Those export functions should have been installed during your initial Notes desktop installation (if not, go find your Notes administrator and have them do for you).

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