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    I have a Treo 700p. I link it via bluetooth to a Parrot CK3100 hands-free phone device. Up until today, the combination worked perfectly. Today, however, I turned-off the bluetooth in the Treo. When I later turned it back on, I found that I could not hear phone calls thru the Parrot. The Parrot and Treo appear to be communicating with each other just fine, and the Parrot seems to be working properly (I can hear the voice prompts and even the DTMF tones when dialing), but when the call starts ringing, I can't hear the ringing nor can I hear when the person answers. If I pick-up the Treo, I can hear and speak to the person on the call, but I can't do it thru the Parrot.

    Anyone have any ideas about what I've messed up? Help would be appreciated.

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    do a soft reset on the treo.
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    Do you know what causes this problem?
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    Not a clue, except what everyone else will say here, BT on the 700P sux.. I have it happen to me too and I'm using a 700P certified headset.

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