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    Huh? How come I can't select a default browser? I have Blazer & Xiino & web does not show up in the popup list in prefs when I try to select a default. I need Web to be default b/c Xiino does not work right with MMSes. B/c of this I cannot click links in messages or emails, I have to highlight & select the text, and then paste it in the browser & it's really driving me nuts. I just did a hard reset & full reinstall(not a restore) today & now it's doing this.

    Any ideas?
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    Are you running UnCache? That program screwed up my default program settings when I had it installed. Once I removed it. (Not disable) everything worked fine.

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    I use Opera Mini and Blazer and I have been trying to do the same thing. I am unable to change my preferences either.
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    I AM running UnCache. I thought that might be what it is, so I disabled it & still no Web. I will try completely removing it. D'oh! This sucks, I love UC b/c my phone takes FOREVER to boot up w/o it.

    If removing it fixes the problem, I will email the dev & let him know about this little bug.

    UPDATE: I completely removed UC, and my Web option is back! I'm emailing the dev right now. Thanks guys, problem solved.

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