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    Hot sync freezes at the Synchronizing Media stage, which requires a soft reset on the Treo and computer restart to try again. Entering the custom menu and selecting do nothing for Media, hot sync completes. Apparently, hot sync hangs on around Addit or Media; maybe while synchronizing the photo/video database.

    This situation began after a hard reset on the 700p and restoring it with Resco Backup. The obvious workaround is to set Media conduit to "Do nothing," yet it’s not the ideal route.

    Please let me know if you have any insight on this situation.
    My only thought is the media database is corrupted on either the palm or desktop. I could use advice on finding these files and removing them. I am still troubleshooting the matter and will update this post.

    Synchronizing Media (Do Nothing) = Sync completes
    Remove SD Card = Sync completes
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    I resolved the issue by deleting a large video file from my profile on the desktop. Hot Sync was trying to sync this 150MB file and kept freezing the sync. The file is still of the SD Card. Here’s the relative path location where the file was found.

    C:\Program Files\palmOne\USERNAME\Photos
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    I have had similar sync causing serious hangups. I think it is due to the large movie files I have on my card though. So I change my sync prefs for "Media" to "do nothing" and it works for one Hot Sync. The very next time it hangs up again and I look at the pref for "Media" and it set itself back to "syncronize the files." Anyone know how to stop this?
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    Great thanks, I too was freezeing up on the media, I removed the large files in the photo file using your path
    C:\Program Files\palmOne\USERNAME\Photos and all is well
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    If you wish to make Hotsync conduit settings changes permanent, you must check Set as Default when changing the conduit or the change will be treated as a one-sync action.

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