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    Assigning a caller ID ringtone
    Caller ID ringtones can let you know who is
    calling before you even look at your
    smartphone. This is a great way to identify
    calls from important people in your life and
    to screen calls that you’d prefer not to
    1 Press Phone .
    2 Select the Contacts tab.
    3 Open the contact to whom you want to
    give a caller ID ringtone (see Viewing or
    changing contact information).
    4 Select Edit.
    5 Select the Ringtone pick list and select
    a tone for this contact entry.
    6 Select OK.

    TIP You can assign a ringtone to an entire
    category of contacts. For example, use a
    special ringtone for categories such as Family,
    Work, or Golf Buddies. Select the category
    pick list in the upper-left corner and select Edit
    Categories. Select the category, and then
    select Edit. Select the ringtone on the Edit
    Category screen.

    Kennedy is the one who said he asks why not, wasn't he?

    It doesn't matter, of course, because
    George Carlin noted most people have jobs and don't have time for that nonsense.
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    mdavis, did you get this from the 680 manual?
    We are all dead, we just don't know it yet.
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    Do you mean the ring tones or the George Carlin quote? Actually, they're both from the manual but you have to read between the lines to find the Carlin. I'm sure the other one is RFK. I remember him saying it.
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    Most importantly. Download the romtool from and see if you can put the Treo 680 into bootloader mode and download the rom! There are files in there we'd all like to check out.

    In retrospec,I think it is time to get a 680, what color does everyone like?
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    Can I use my Palm 32K SIM in the 680 or do I need to get a 64K SIM?
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