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    So, are there any restrictions on the Cingular version that would make the unlocked version more worth buying? For example, can I do bluetooth file transfers for music, photos, and video without a problem (on the cingular version)?
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    I want to know about web speed? Is it any faster than the 650's? Even checking basic info like my bank account takes forever on the 650....not even worth is the 680 using Edge any better?

    I've been looking at a 700P with Verzion instead....which should I get?
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    The reason things are slow on the 650 side has more to do with the DNS lookup than the actual speed. On both my 650 and 680 I have changed the DNS settings (there are tons of threads here on them, and a few news articles) and that makes a big difference in how EDGE feels on the devices.

    For the most part the unlocked and Cingular versions are the same. You only differences are in color choice on the unlocked versions, and ability to use the phone anywhere in the world, whereas with the Cingular one you would either want to get the CIngular INternational plan or unlock it.
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